The Deadly Tin Inside Your Smartphone

The world’s most sophisticated smartphones and tablets start in the tin mines of Bangka Island
Miners in the pit where, in June, 18-year-old miner Johidi bin Gunadi was buried alive Photograph by Kemal Jufri for Bloomberg Businessweek

On May 29, in the bottom of a tin-mining pit on Bangka Island in Indonesia, a wall about 16 feet high collapsed, sending a wave of earth crashing down on a 40-year-old father of two. His name was Rosnan. The dirt crushed his legs, sent something sharp slicing through his right thigh, and buried him from the waist down. His partner, panicked but unhurt, scrambled out of the pit screaming for help. About 20 other miners rushed in to dig Rosnan out with their bare hands.

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