Favorite Professors: NYU's Charles Murphy

Photograph by Ewan Burns

Charles Murphy

Stern School of Business, New York University

Courses Taught: Investment Banking: The Financial Service Industry

NYU-Stern investment banking professor Charles Murphy describes the industry he teaches as cyclical. Because of this, he approaches the subject from both an historical and geographical standpoint. “It’s important to see how the industry has worked in the past, how it’s working currently, and what we can expect in the future,” he says. Murphy likes to show his diverse population of students—his investment banking course is open to undergrads and MBAs—how the world is connected, how markets were created in the U.S., how they moved over to Europe, and eventually how they expanded to Asia. “These kids are going to be the managers and leaders of the future,” Murphy says. “You want to convey to them personal and business-related experiences—lend them your knowledge so they can pick up on it and find better ways to work in the future.”

Murphy holds an undergraduate degree from Manhattan College and an MBA from NYU. While working as a consultant at Credit Suisse, Murphy joined Stern as an adjunct professor in 1998 and began teaching full time in 2009. He now teaches 850-1,000 students a year, ranging in age from 18 to 60.

Students Say:

• “He knows so much about the industry, and his style of teaching keeps you motivated and draws your attention in every lecture.”

• “Coming from an investment banking practitioner’s background, he provides practical advice and truly cares about the students. He is always available for students to stop by and ask any questions or concerns that we might have.”

Murphy on his pupils:

“I can’t change the IQs of my students, but I can do a lot to raise their EQ levels. IQ plus EQ is what makes a great manager and a great leader as you go through life.”

Editor’s Note: This profile is part of Bloomberg Businessweek’s series on favorite undergraduate business professors. Subjects were chosen based on feedback collected in Bloomberg Businessweek’s annual survey of senior business students. The featured professors were the ones most often mentioned by students as being their favorite. Student quotes come directly from the student survey.

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