Mika Street Puts Uptown Pilates on a Growth Curve

A former health-care consultant with a passion for Pilates took her new job to the mat
"Every day keeps you on your toes. And for my personality, I love that," says the 33-year-old Street of the small New York-based Pilates chain she owns and operates Photograph by Elizabeth Weinberg for Bloomberg Businessweek

When she graduated from Union College in 2001, Israel-born and Florida-raised Mika Street took a job at global consulting firm Accenture, where she helped Pfizer merge with drugmaker Pharmacia in 2003. “I felt trapped in the mundane,” she says. Street started taking Pilates classes to unwind. After a year and a half on the job—and a three-month leave of absence in Costa Rica—she realized she wanted to pursue Pilates full-time.

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