Jelani Roy's Game Change

A former sports agent finds his calling in a different position: point guard for a tech startup
"Being a sports agent is less glamorous than it is on paper," says Roy, now with Plyfe, an online gamemaker Photograph by John Loomis for Bloomberg Businessweek

When Jelani Roy, 30, graduated from law school at Temple University in 2009, the sports-law practice at Dewey & LeBoeuf gave him the option to take a year off or start as an associate. He opted for the former. During a trip to Buenos Aires, he got a call from a basketball player named Roy Bright who was looking for legal representation overseas. Roy brokered a deal between Bright and Baerum Basket, a team in Norway. Soon after, other basketball players came knocking, and Roy accumulated a client roster of half a dozen. “I enjoyed it,” he says. “But I was always up in the middle of the night waiting to hear back from e-mails.”

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