Jeffrey Gundlach, Bond Savant

Can you spot the $34 billion fund manager? Jeffrey Gundlach (third from left), who runs DoubleLine Capital, the fastest-growing mutual fund startup in history. His mid-'80s haircut is only slightly less weird than his rise to the top Courtesy Evyn S. Charles

DoubleLine Capital’s new office is high up in a downtown Los Angeles skyscraper, with unobstructed views of the famous Hollywood sign. As you walk out of the elevator, a huge canvas with the firm’s logo greets you; DoubleLine founder Jeffrey Gundlach painted it himself. Pass a six-foot-tall faux terra-cotta Chinese warrior and you’ll find a conference office called the Van Gogh Room. The Van Gogh Room has no Van Goghs, though it does display a pair of landscape paintings and looks out to a reception area adorned with other paintings Gundlach won at auction. It also, on this visit, contains Gundlach, sitting at the end of the conference table in a crisp button-down shirt, with a goatee and rust-colored hair, cut short.

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