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Wall Street's Favorite Democrat

Jim Himes works to dial back laws that get in the big banks’ way
Himes is a prolific tweeter at work and at home
Himes is a prolific tweeter at work and at homePhotograph by Kareem Black for Bloomberg Businessweek

Wall Street doesn’t have many friends in Washington these days—especially among Democrats on Capitol Hill. They pushed through the massive Dodd-Frank financial overhaul and are scrutinizing derivatives trading and similar high-risk practices.

There is one House Democrat who’s shown some sympathy for Wall Street: Jim Himes. A former Goldman Sachs investment banker who represents Greenwich, Westport, and other affluent Connecticut towns where many bankers rest their heads at night, he isn’t shy about defending the industry or decrying Wall Street bashing. Banking policy has devolved into a “morality play that is good vs. evil, Democrat vs. Republican, which is absurd,” he says. Dodd-Frank “contains some very, very good things and very important things. And it contains some silly things.”