How to Save Greece: Jurre Hermans

Photograph by Theo Kock

I began to worry about Europe’s debt crisis after watching news reports. It really upset me and I had trouble sleeping. I heard there was a prize for whoever came up with the best idea for breaking up the euro in the most painless way. My plan is Greece leaves the euro and gets the drachma back. People will go to an exchange machine to swap their money, and the euros will be used to repay Greece’s debts. Those who hoard euros will be fined. If Greece pays back what it borrowed, then it can return to the single currency.
The judges of the prize gave me a €100 gift voucher for my suggestion, and I even went on television to talk about it. I was asked if I would like to be an economist when I’m older, but I’d prefer to run a zoo. — As told to Simon Kennedy