How to Fix Golf: Scott McNealy

Getty Images

I’m not out to change the United States Golf Association rules, but there’s one change that I think golf needs: If you don’t finish in three and a half hours, your round doesn’t count. Do the math. It’s five miles to walk a golf course. Let’s say you walk at four miles per hour. That’s about an hour and 15 minutes. Let’s round that up to an hour and 20, because you have to zigzag around. That leaves you 40 minutes to hit about 100 shots. That gives you 30 seconds a shot. So you can finish a round of golf in two hours without breaking a sweat. If they set the rule at the top, it would just change everything. I don’t need to watch some guy stalk a putt for 20 minutes. Give me a break. Hit it. Everybody is into this magical, mystical good walk. Well, the good walk is getting terribly spoiled by the speed of play.

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