How to Dress for Work: Michael Kors

A tailor can help Photograph by Charlie Engman for Bloomberg Businessweek; Stylist: Sophia Mitchell; Grooming: Marco Testa; Casting: Wulf Casting

Most men have a good sense of how to dress for work. But that doesn’t mean I don’t see some cringeworthy things. The one that makes me the most crazy is ill-fitting suits. They just look sloppy. C’mon guys, get rid of the pool of trouser fabric that’s puddling around your ankles. A tie can show some personality; you don’t have to wear a striped tie every day. If your office doesn’t require a suit, a pair of dress trousers and crisp shirt are perfect. In that case, make sure the three things you invest in are your belt, shoes, and overcoat. Quiet power is a sharp watch—everyone notices one. As for women, I continue to be surprised by the number who are overexposed—lingerie, cleavage, and legs. On the flip side, I see women who are required to dress very corporately and they’re afraid to wear anything that would personalize their look. In terms of colors, go with what makes you comfortable. Some people feel most confident in brights, some in pastels, some would never be caught in anything other than black or camel. As for a power accessory for women? Definitely her bag first, then her shoes. If they’re both chic, they’ll get noticed. Whether it’s a suit or separate pieces, everything should fit impeccably. It should not over-reveal any part of your body or be skintight. If in doubt, I’d lean toward dressing up a bit more as opposed to less. You’ll never get demerit points for that. — As told to Keenan Mayo 

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