How to Compete With Amazon: Susan Lyne

Photograph by Charlie Engman for Bloomberg Businessweek; Stylist: Shibon Kennedy; Hair and Makeup: Marco Testa; Clothing (Jacket and Pant): Topshop; (Shirt): H&M

Amazon is great when you know what you are looking for. But women go shopping to see what’s new, to be inspired, to fall in love with something. No one goes to Amazon to be inspired. And I defy you to find anyone who says they love browsing Amazon. At Gilt we seduce, just like a great store. Amazon was designed to be functional and reliable and has a great loyalty program. But at Gilt we aim to surprise and delight by making the storefront new every day. Women make over 60 percent of all online purchases. Amazon still looks like it was designed for guys. — As told to Susan Berfield

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