The One Office Tumbler

A lowball glass for a high-toned office
Photograph by Nick Ferrari for Bloomberg Businessweek

The Want: A fine-quality piece of glassware that fits snugly in any cubicle drawer and can be broken out to celebrate an important deal or properly mourn the loss of a client or co-worker. Because superior drinks should never be consumed from a paper cup or a plastic mug.
The Get: There isn’t a vessel more fitting for three fingers of Scotch—or a glass of chilled sipping tequila—than the Armani/Casa Dvorak crystalline tumbler. The rim of the glass is lined with manually applied, 18-carat gold. As the crystalline body has been modified to contain lead oxide, the glass is so light that it almost defies gravity. Manufactured with care and class, the tumbler is the perfect glass for toasting your colleagues and showing off your refined tastes. ($80,

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