Roche Sees Limited Rebound in Global Drug Market, Le Temps Says

The head of Roche Holding AG’s pharmaceutical division expects a small rebound in the global drug market once patent expiries on major products have passed, Switzerland’s Le Temps reported.

The recovery will be “fairly limited,” Pascal Soriot, chief operating officer of Roche’s pharma unit, said in an interview with the newspaper. The U.S. market will grow by 3 percent at most and Europe will stagnate over the next three to five years, the report quoted Soriot as saying. Roche aims to expand sales faster than the market in emerging countries and in line with the market in Europe and the U.S., he said.

Roche is also experimenting with various pricing models in emerging markets, Tages Anzeiger reported, citing an interview with Franz Humer, the Basel, Switzerland-based drugmaker’s chairman.