The One Office Boombox

An overachieving travel-size speaker for cubicle DJs

The Want: An elegant, audiophile-approved wireless speaker system that can be parked handsomely at your desk. Not only will it allow you and your team to rock out after your boss takes off for the day, but it can easily double as a speakerphone for conference calls.
The Get: The Jambox from Jawbone is a modernized version of the ’80s boombox. Any device with Bluetooth capability—laptop, cell phone, iPod—can operate the 12-ounce unit. Its speakerphone function also makes it a handy boardroom tool. With its sharp, mesh design and rich sound, it’s great for any office celebration. Unlike its shoulder-fired ancestor, the Jambox doesn’t require 10 D-cell batteries and will play from 9 to 5 without interruption. ($199,

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