Newt Inc.

Since he left Congress in 1999, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has built a network of businesses and nonprofit ventures that have brought in more than $100 million from clients and donors. The Gingrich brand includes a consulting firm, a book and video company, and a political fundraising operation that is now fueling his campaign for President.

The Business

Gingrich Group
Revenue: $55m (2001-10)
Founded: 1999
What it does: Dispenses policy advice to clients in health, energy, finance, technology, and other industries. The company says it does no lobbying (The Gingrich Group lent at least $5m to Gingrich Productions)
Center for Health Transformation
What it does: Membership group that develops health-care policies
Fees: To join, companies pay between $20,000 and $200,000 annually
Members: Johnson & Johnson, Blue Cross & Blue Shield Assn., WellPoint, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America (PhRMA)


Freddie Mac
Gingrich worked with execs at the mortgage company on policies to expand homeownership
Fees: $1.6 million, 1999-2008
Growth Energy
The ethanol lobby hired Gingrich for “his insight into how Washington, D.C., works,” spokeswoman Stephanie Dreyer says
Fees: $575,000, 2009-11

The Campaign

Newt 2012
Fundraising through Sept. 30
Amount raised: $2.9m
Amount spent: $2.6m
Solutions 2012
A new pro-Gingrich super PAC is reaching out to conservative voters
American Solutions for Winning the Future (closed)
Nonprofit 527 group to push conservative policies
Donors included: Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, coal giant Peabody Energy
Highlights: Spent more than $50 million in the last four years before shutting down in July

The Personal Brand

Gingrich Productions
Purpose: Selling books and documentaries by Gingrich and his wife, Callista
Titles: A Reagan biography, historical fiction, and a children’s U.S. history book featuring Ellis the Elephant
Highlights: Gingrich reported $2.5 million in income in 2010
Gingrich Communications
Purpose: Speeches and media, including The Americano, a website for Hispanic conservatives
Highlights: Gingrich reportedly receives $50,000 per speech
Renewing American Leadership
Founded by Gingrich’s then-spokesman, Rick Tyler. The 501(c)3 aims to “preserve America’s Judeo-Christian heritage.”
Highlights: Spent $200,000 on Gingrich’s books, ABC News reported
Fox News
What he does:
Appeared on-air from 1999 until March, when he began exploring a White House run
Highlights: Latest contract approached $1 million a year

Gingrich Lit: Steamed, Steamy

From Real Change: The Fight for America’s Future (2009): “On the Left is an elite culture that sees the world as safe and America as dangerous. … Our struggle with them is a struggle about the very nature of reality.”
From A Nation Like No Other: Why American Exceptionalism Matters (2011): “As the government grows ever larger, ever more bureaucratic, and ever more intrusive in the economy, the ideals and habits underlying American Exceptionalism are being steadily eroded.”
From 1945 (1995): “Suddenly the pouting sex kitten gave way to Diana the Huntress. She rolled onto him and somehow was sitting athwart his chest, her knees pinning his shoulders. ‘Tell me, or I will make you do terrible things,’ she hissed.”

Net worth

Gingrich’s latest financial disclosures show total wealth of at least $6.7m as of July 2011
Sources: Bloomberg, Washington Post, Center for Responsive Politics, Federal Election Commission, ABC News, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Los Angeles Times, Campaign Disclosures

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