Clif Bar's Offices Keep Employees Limber

Clif Bar's offices keep employees limber

When Clif Bar founder Gary Erickson started baking energy bars in his mom’s kitchen in 1990, he was living in a garage with his dog, skis, climbing gear, and two trumpets. Today, Clif Bar may be a 277-employee, multimillion-dollar company, but its headquarters in Emeryville, Calif., hasn’t lost its garage appeal. Kayaks, paddles, and bicycles hang from the ceiling. Dogs lie by desks. And lunch is served at Kali’s Kitchen, which is named after Erickson’s grandma. In 2002 the company pledged to become carbon neutral. Employees are encouraged to go green, too, through clean-energy incentives that range from practical (desk-side recycling) to powerful ($6,500 toward a hybrid or biodiesel car.)

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