Outside the Lines

Bruce Hall
Beer vendor, Pittsburgh Steelers and Pirates
Age: 41
Pay: $175 to $300 per Steelers game; $50 to $150 at Pirates games. He works on commission

“The Miller Lite guys might sell a little more than me, but I can usually hang with them. Bud Light does pretty well for football. Twenty-some years ago, nobody cared about the brand. It was always just ‘Beer here. Beer here.’ Now people want their Miller Lite, their Bud Light, their Yuengling.”

Dr. Deborah Graham
Psychologist, GolfPsych, Boerne, Tex.
Age: 57
Pay: $195 per hour; billed close to $8,000 last month
Clients: Mark Calcavecchia, Lee Janzen, Yani Tseng

“A good mental pre-shot routine is not how many waggles you do or how many steps you take. We have to get golfers out of their left brain, which is the thinker, the analyzer, the critic, to their right brain, which is the artist, the athlete.”

Dan Shemesh
Groundskeeper, New York Red Bulls
Age: 30
Pay: $50,000 to $100,000

“They usually like the grass cut as short as you can. The tighter the grass is, the faster it is. They also like to get the field wet. I meet with the coach during warm-ups to see if he wants more water. I don’t like it. The water makes the field more susceptible to damage, but they like the way the ball rolls off the wet grass.”

Alfred Maione
Baseball bat maker, Sam Bat, Ottawa
Age: 54
Pay: C$50,000 ($48,900) to C$60,000 a year
Customers: Miguel Cabrera, Ryan Braun

“The actual carving is a pretty quick process. I can make one in four or five minutes. More time is put into making sure it’s the right piece of wood. If a player wants a large barreled bat, but wants it very light, then it has to come out of a light piece of wood. I make a dozen at more or less the right weight. Then they go up to the sander, and he gets it exact.”

Kristine “Rosie” DeRosa
Manager of building operations, New York Rangers practice rink, Tarrytown, N.Y.
Age: 30
Pay: Around $50,000

“My job entails more than just driving a Zamboni everyday, but everyone is drawn to that part of it. Everyone asks, ‘Can I get a ride? Is it fun?’ And I always say it’s as fun as it looks.”

Phillip Cochran
Technical production manager, Sportvision, Nascar circuit
Age: 30
Pay: $50,000 to $90,000

“The little pointer that comes out of the hood of the car on TV, with miles per hour, points, and time off the lead, that’s from us. That first five laps when we’re making sure all our products are working, that’s the nervous part. The cars are going 200 mph, and we have about 10 pieces of equipment in each car. The possibility of failure is always there.”

Mark Verstegen
Founder and president, Athletes’ Performance, Phoenix
Age: 42
Pay: “Six figures”
On rehabilitating St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford from a shoulder injury: “Sam would wake up, fuel with food prepared by our chefs, do some of his shoulder rehab, go through his morning workout—everything from pillar strength to speed training—then hydrotherapy, lunch, some film work, afternoon physical therapy, and performance training. He’d follow that up with some conditioning, recovery, his individualized dinner, and then he’d take home his late-night snack.”

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