Lingerie Heaven

Cadolle has made fantasies to measure since the 1900s

For generations, French women of means have trusted Cadolle, on Paris’s Rue Saint-Honoré, to lend them a certain sexy je ne sais quoi, and, for €660-plus (about $900 and up), modern women can have their own fetching undergarments made to order. The lingerie experience begins with a meeting with Patricia Cadolle (aka Poupie), a great-great-granddaughter of founder Herminie, who assesses the customer’s desires and figure, then begins to shape the lingerie on the body with pins. She can draw from a pattern archive dating back more than 80 years to bring nearly any fantasy to life. After the initial appointment, the production process takes a minimum of 20 hours and two more fittings for each garment. Soft lingerie runs the gamut from baby doll to dominatrix, and the corsetry, which can sculpt one’s body, whether lifting the derriere or leveling the bust, has been known to work miracles.

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