Corrections & Clarifications

A recent story about Huawei (Sept. 19-25), the Chinese communications equipment maker, asserted that the company almost bought Motorola’s network infrastructure business in 2003. In fact, Motorola sought to acquire Huawei’s network infrastructure business.

In “The Good Germans” (Opening Remarks, Sept. 26-Oct. 2), we stated that Frank Schäffler was the only member of the German Bundestag not to vote for the European Financial Stability Facility. This is incorrect. He was the only member of his party, the Free Democrats, not to vote for direct bilateral aid to Greece.

In “Silicon Valley Makes a House Call” (Sept. 26-Oct. 2), we misidentified the illness suffered by the father of Michael Nusimow that inspired him to create Drchrono. It was not cancer.

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