The Beach Boombox

The most energy-efficient way to crank up the volume on the sand

The Want: A boombox that actually booms, protects your iPod or iPhone from the elements, and never runs out of battery life. Of course, it should look cooler than the one on the next blanket, too.
The Get: The Soulra XL ($249, The 7-pound, wedge-shaped box pumps 22 watts of sound through two woofers, two tweeters, and four passive radiators. The quality is clean even when cranked up, but more striking is the 72-square-inch solar panel that charges its internal battery in five hours. The Soulra also comes with an AC adapter, and Eton claims you can get eight hours of continuous use by first charging the battery from the wall and then deploying the panel. I got more than 10. Rock on.

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