The Women's World Cup Soccer Quiz

1. Brandi Chastain celebrated the U.S.'s World Cup victory in 1999 by whipping off her shirt and introducing the wider world to the stylish wonder that is the sports bra. What was the outcome of her iconic celebration:

a) Women's soccer became, albeit briefly, the most popular sport in America.
b) Chastain did for sports bras what Nehru did for collar-less shirts: Ten seconds of TV exposure ignited a $438 million athletic undergarment business.
c) Mattel (MAT) produced a Limited Edition National Team Barbie replete with team jersey and tiny sports bra.

2. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad recently accused FIFA of behaving like "dictators and colonialists" after the governing body expelled the Iranian women's team. Why was the team banned in the first place?

a) To protest the nation's perceived nuclear intentions.
b) Because of fears that hijabs, the traditional Muslim head coverings that Iranian players insist on wearing, could cause "choking injuries."
c) To highlight Iran's alleged links to state-sponsored terrorism.

3. Equatorial Guinea, ranked a lowly 61st in the world, is the tournament underdog. With a population of just 700,000, it's the smallest nation ever to have qualified for a Women's World Cup. Yet this achievement has been contested because:

a) Opponents have charged that three of the players on the team are not actually women.
b) The coach was rumored to have used the nation's oil money to bribe referees and opponents.
c) FIFA members, having never heard of Equatorial Guinea, weren't sure if it existed.

4. Brazilian striker Marta, known affectionately as "Pele in a skirt," is the highest-paid female soccer star. How does her annual salary compare to earnings of other female stars?

a) Equal to the sum Kim Kardashian earned in 2010 through nightclub appearances and endorsements for a cupcake mix, Skechers (SKX) Shape- ups shoes, and Kotex (KMB). ($6 million)
b) Equal to the amount paid to the ostensibly impecunious teen moms on MTV's Teen Mom. ($280,000)
c) Equal to the fee Playboy paid C-list reality star Heidi Montag to pose topless in its September 2009 issue. ($500,000)

5. What is the average salary of players in the U.S. Women's Professional Soccer league?

a) $210,340: The same as a gynecologist.
b) $68,680: The same as a dental hygienist.
c) $27,000: The same as a newspaper street vendor.

6. Outspoken FIFA President Sepp Blatter suggested which of the following as the best way to raise the profile of the women's game:

a) Invest more money in youth training academies at the grassroots level.
b) Host an annual men-vs.-women challenge game, à la Bobby Riggs vs. Billie Jean King.
c) Make players wear skimpier, sexier uniforms, highlighting the need for "tighter shorts."

Answers: 1) b, 2) b, 3) a, 4) c, 5) c, 6) c.

If you got three answers correct, you know a lot about women's soccer. Up to five answers correct, you know a ridiculous amount about women's soccer. More than five correct? Well, it sounds like someone has a hobby.

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