Smells Like Your Spirit?

Perfumer Yosh Han is best known for her Yosh fragrances sold at high-end shops. Her real passion, however, is creating made-to-order perfumes. It's a delicate process, costing $750 and up, that can take anywhere between one afternoon and three months depending on how much time a fragrance needs to aerate.

Operating out of her apartment in San Francisco, Han, 40, has clients attend a wafting session where they may smell up to 100 scents before narrowing them down to their favorites. "This is the most magical part of the process," Han says. "Each person communicates with the essences in a different manner." Then she blends the scent with top, middle, and bottom notes, all based on her mental algorithm of the client's aura and energy. The fragrances, she insists, always smell best on their owner.

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