Trump's Brand Extensions


1980: Opens Grand Hyatt; breaks ground on eponymous tower.

1982: Aces up: Gets casino license in New Jersey.

1984: You're sued! Files $500 million case against Chicago Tribune architecture critic, Paul Gapp, who criticized Trump's plan to build the world's tallest building.

1988: Pays "in excess of $11 million" for right to host Mike Tyson-Michael Spinks boxing match.

1990: You're on a budget! Put on $450,000 monthly allowance after falling behind on $2 billion in debt.

1991: You're broke! Trump's Taj Mahal Casino goes bankrupt.

1992: Double trouble: Trump's Castle and The Plaza follow into bankruptcy.

1995: Bye-bye, Plaza Hotel.

2004: You're hired! First season of The Apprentice.

2007: Threatens to end The Apprentice when NBC takes it off its prime time schedule as ratings flag.

2009: "Buys" WWE's Raw franchise; Vince McMahon buys it back.


1977: Marries Ivana Zelnicek. First apprentice, Donald Jr., born.

1981: Daughter Ivanka born.

1984: Son Eric born.

1990: Divorces Ivana.

1993: Daughter Tiffany born to Marla Maples.

1993: Marries Marla Maples later that year.

1999: Divorce from Maples finalized after two-year dispute.

1999: Trump's father dies.

2005: Marries Melania Knauss.

2006: Son Barron is born.


1987: You're a "moron"! Trashes New York Mayor Ed Koch during feud over plans to move NBC to Upper West Side. Koch to Trump: "Greedy, greedy, greedy."

1999: Trump quits the Republican Party ("Just too crazy right") and flirts with a run against Pat Buchanan (a "Hitler lover") on the Reform Party ticket.

2001: Registers with the Democratic Party.

2006: Declines to run for governor of New York.

2007: Says President George W. Bush "is probably the worst President in the history of the United States."

2009: Likes the GOP again.

2011: Trump comes out as a family values conservative and potential candidate for President.

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