Eight Ways to Stop a Pirate

1. LRAD. Sonic cannons can warn pirates from almost two miles

2. Dazzlers. SPA Defense sells a hand-held laser beam that can impair vision from more than half a mile

3. Citadel. Pirates have spent days searching for these hidden safe rooms

4. Propeller arresters. MMWC sells a system that drops more than 300 feet of buoyant rope to entangle skiff propellers

5. High-energy lasers. The Office of Naval Research used a laser to set fire to a small boat from more than a mile

6. Decoy watchmen. Dummies strapped to the rails can give the appearance of extra vigilance

7. Water hoses. Hot, high-pressure water can be aimed from hoses or poured in curtains from "spray rails"

8. Razor wire. High-tensile concertina wire, mounted in sections, is a minimum measure

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