Google and Gel.

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If you’re in New York City this week, you might try and snag a ticket to the GEL (Good Experience Live) conference and awards ceremony on Wednesday night put on by Mark Hurst. It’s all about cX—consumer experience, which is about as hot a topic these days as Tony Soprano” newfound fidelity.

What is Gel according to Gel? ” Gel is a conference, and community, exploring good experience in all its forms — in business, art, society, technology, and life.

The goal of the conference is to create an environment that allows our multi-disciplinary community to explore the idea of “good experience” in a variety of contexts.”

Google is up for an award and Google is hoping for a win. With Google now going right up against Microsoft (Microsoft’s next browser has a nice little box on the upper right hand corner marked “search” that takes you directly to its MSN search engine, according to the NYT), the consumer experience will play an ever-increasing role in the search game.

Hurst, by the way, also runs one of my favorite blogs,, where people send in the very worst consumer designs and experiences. I just looked and there’s one item on “masculine salad” and another on three things broken on the expedia site. Really good stuff.

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