Davos Moments.

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It gets kind of crazy half-way through the marathon that is Davos. Here are a few things that happened on Day Two as I move into the third day.

At the big media conference of bloggers and MainStream Media, Jeff Jarvis of Buzzmachine.com (I’m on dialup and can’t link to his blog but know it’s a favorfite of mine) gave a talk on how great user generated content was and how old-style newspapers should get over their angst. A New York Times reporter sitting next to me who writes for both print and online said “I go to Buzzmachine all the time and Jarvis just quotes people like any mainstream journalist. He could write for the Times or the Trib, the way he does it.” Now that’s a dig with one “g.”

I go to a very fancy cocktail/dinner party and Melinda Gates gives a wonderful speech about the Gates Foundation and how it saves the lives of children, men and women. She asks the corporate audience to join into the public-private alliances helping people with their health in Africa and around the world. I’m sitting next to a Turkish business woman who runs a multi-billion dollar enterprise and she says “in my country, businessmen who make money through monopolies give it away quietly through foundations and don’t tell anyone publicly to join them in helping the poor. They just do it privately because it is the right thing to do.” Ouch. Different cultures.

A final crack at bloggers and journalists who are crawling all over Davos. In the men’s bathroom that connects to the main conference center, there was a sign on one of the urinals. It read: “For Participants Only! No Media Allowed!”

It’s morning on the Davos Day three and I’m off to see IDEO’s Tim Brown lead a CEO Series Workship on innovating in a networked world. I have to crash this workshop. It was totally filled up 5 minutes after it opened for participation. Later, I do my own workshop on urban mobility in 2030 with the Mayor of London. Doesn’t get better than this.