A Few Pressing Factors

I’d like to excerpt a comment submitted by a reader “C.P.” and invite other readers — as well as our resident guru John Pourdehnad — to comment on his/her insight. C.P. writes:

“Bureaucracy is the common denominator between the intrinsic “lust” for power and those that seek refuge from its umbrella effect of pro-limitation. […] Negotiating a bureaucratic system comes down to a few pressing factors:

1. Comprehension: of your work/system of work (cannot negotiate or work within the confines of a bureaucracy without knowing what you are responsible to-do).

2. Identification: knowing who and why the underlying factors of “the/a” bureaucracy exists and who the primary suspects are that construct the strain on inquiry/productivity.

3. Confirmation: once confirmed, you must begin the process of evaluating your “profit & loss” within the situation/s. Choice becomes the optimal tool for negotiating a bureaucratic system and must be analyzed by the incumbent” to define the chances for growth and non-growth as they pertain to negotiating the confines of a bureaucracy.

These are just a few of the initial steps to defining the larger characteristics of bureaucracy. Ultimately the answers to solving the non-productiveness of bureaucratic systems (is an individual process).

But, if the properties of the bottom line begin to represent a pride in new ideas and innovation (bureaucracy will slowly become irrelevant to all public, private and social indexes).”

So what do you think? Is C.P. on to something?

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