Selling Twitter account on eBay boosts its value

What happens when Andrew Baron auctions his Twitter account on eBay? He gets written up in TechCrunch and elsewhere, and more people will start following his Twitter to see what’s going on. At the beginning of the auction, at 8:29 pacific last night, he had 1,397 followers. It’s early on the east coast, pre-dawn in the west. I just joined his followers and was 1,451. I’m betting by the end of the auction, in 9 days, he’ll have 5,000 followers. Will this lift its value?

In the end, the person who wins the auction gets an Andrew Baron following of 1,397 (minus those who quit the site, unhappy about being “sold”) plus thousands of auction gawkers. What are they worth? I’ll probably stick around for a little while just to see how the auction winner tries to put us to use. Will this person unveil him/herself? Will the new Andrew Baron, unlike the old one, follow me?

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