Define Annual Objectives with Your Team

Take charge of your team’s performance by working with the group to establish annual performance objectives. By mapping out specific goals to achieve over the course of a year, you demonstrate that you are committed to continuous improvement, and you will earn the group’s respect by involving them in the goal-setting process.

When you and your team members are defining the objectives for the year, make sure to ensure that your goals are linked to the purpose and vision of the organization and that all team members understand the meaning behind their individual goals. Create a discussion about what you think the team is capable of and what roadblocks may pop up along the way.

Throughout the year, make sure to track the progress of your efforts to meet your objectives. Reinforce your own and your team’s belief in your goals by reviewing why you established them in the first place and how they link with the organization’s purpose and vision.

Don’t be afraid to revise the goals along the way if circumstances change or if new opportunities arise.

Keith Ayers President Integro West Chester, Pa.

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