From South Asia to iTunes

How a husband-and-wife team turned an Indian music podcast series into a business and is making the most out of its Apple storefront on its Web site
Gabriela Hasbun

Anjula Acharia-Bath made sure she was in the right place at the right time. The co-founder and CEO of online entertainment portal DesiHits had heard nothing but no from Apple (AAPL) after repeatedly pitching a sales partnership. She didn't lose heart. Instead, she happened to hit connection paydirt while dining at her regular hangout, Tamerine, a Vietnamese restaurant that's a hot spot for Silicon Valley venture capitalists. In January, 2006, she overheard two diners talking about Guy Kawasaki, a former Apple executive turned venture capitalist, as if they knew him well. Acharia-Bath introduced herself and asked how she could get a better reception from Apple. One of those diners, Barry Weinman, co-founder of Allegis Capital, soon introduced her to his contacts at Apple.

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