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Steven Spielberg Meets the Wii

The superstar Hollywood director has created a new video game called Boom Blox, which uses the Wii's motion-sensitive controller to manipulate 3-D blocks

From the man responsible for such film school fodder as Indiana Jones, E.T. and the original summer blockbuster, Jaws, comes a new puzzle game for the Wii, which revolves around the deceptively simple act of manipulating 3-D blocks, aka Blox, using the Wii's motion-sensitive controller.

Hollywood writer/director/producer Steven Spielberg was driven to create a game around the universal, "compulsion to build something up and knock something down," an EA producer tells us. "[Spielberg] would talk about when he got a train set as a boy; he'd spend hours building it up just to cross the tracks and watch the trains explode."