Executing Successful E-Mail Campaigns

Marketing your business online is now a business necessity. One way to reach a core base of new and existing customers is through a strong e-mail marketing campaign. Here are some tips to make sure your e-mails get read, and get results.

•Know your goals for the campaign. Should customers buy your product or service, subscribe to newsletters, use your coupon or special offer, or visit you in person? Identifying these goals will guide effective messaging in your e-mails. •Target your audience. Resist using the shotgun approach. Response rates are typically in the low percentages, so ensuring the right people get the message will minimize your expenses. •Keep copy concise. Explain the offering in the first two sentences. Attention spans are low, and customers want to know what they are getting without having to read long descriptions. •Test the campaign on friends and family before sending it to customers. If your grandmother opens the e-mail and knows what to do, chances are your customers will too.

Then hit send, sit back, and watch your bottom line grow.

Andy Leff Chief Executive Officer Incplace.com Philadelphia

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