Best Award-Winning Design Schools Around The World.

Next week we publish the annual International Design Excellence Awards winners (it used to be Industrial Design Excellence Awards) and they are an incredible collection of fascinating products, services, research, student work and concepts. The whole package goes up online on Thursday night, including those great charts showing which design firms and which companies won the most gold, silver and bronze awards in 2007 and from 2003 through 2007. Print goes on sale on Friday.

One new category of design winners this year is schools. The IDSA broke out the design schools attended by the students who won IDEA awards. In addition, three schools were actual clients—Carnegie Mellon, Delft University of Technology and Technische Univeriteit Eindhoven. The IDSA broke out the schools for 2007 and for 2003-2007. We won’t have space for all of them in the magazine so I thought I’d put the list up now. They will also go online on Thursday.

Here it is:

Schools Awards
  Gold Silver Bronze Total
Carnegie Mellon     1 1
Cleveland Institute of Art     1 1
Daejin University (South Korea) 1     1
Delft Univ. of Technology (Netherlands) 1     1
Hfg Offenbach am Main (Germany)     1 1
Hong-ik University (South Korea)   1   1
Inst. Of Design-IIT   1   1
Kookmin University (South Korea)   1   1
Milwaukee Inst. Of Art & Design 1     1
Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts & Design (Germany)        
Seoul National University (South Korea)   1   1
Shih Chien University (Taiwan)     1 1
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven - / (Netherlands)     1 1
Univ. of Cincinnati 1     1
Univ. of Notre Dame     1 1

…And Over 5 Years

  2003-2006 2007 Total
Art Center College of Design 9 0 9
San Francisco State Univ. 4 0 4
Univ. of Notre Dame 2 1 3
California College of the Arts 3 0 3

Now ponder these lists. Clearly Korean schools are beginning to produce first rate design students. Great talent is coming out of Europe as well. And talented design students are coming out of a whole range of schools in the US, including the University of Cincinnati (go Craig Vogel!, the Institute of Design in Chicago, the University of Notre Dame, the Cleveland Institute of Art and Carnegie Mellon, of course.

Now we’ve got to get the Royal College of Art to start entering it’s terrific student projects into the IDEA contest.

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