Wachovia Agrees to Acquire AG Edwards

Ceridian gets bought by Thomas H. Lee Partners L.P and Fidelity National, and more M&A news
Deals in the news
Company Symbol Date Price Comment
AG EDWARDS INC AGE 5/31/2007 88 WACHOVIA to buy: 0.9844 WB share, $35.80 in cash = 1 AGE share.
CERIDIAN CORP CEN 5/31/2007 35 Thomas H. Lee Partners L.P., FIDELITY NATL to buy: $36/share cash = 1 CEN sh.
GENESCO INC GCO 5/31/2007 52 To explore alternatives, incl. possible sale of co... Also says it rejected $51 per share offer from FOOT LOCKER.
CLEVELAND-CLIFFS CLF 5/31/2007 88 Jim Cramer comments on CNBC's "Mad Money" that he sees CLF as acq. target.
CDW CORP CDWC 5/30/2007 85 Madison Dearborn Partners LLC to buy: $87.75 = CDWC.
NISOURCE INC NI 5/30/2007 22 Says it not currently in talks with any parties.
PENNSYLVANIA RE PEI 5/30/2007 47 Seen higher on buyout speculation.
ARCHSTONE-SMITH ASN 5/29/2007 61 Tishman Speyer, LEH to buy: $60.75 = ASN.
ABN AMRO HOLDING ABN 5/29/2007 48 Group led by Royal Bank of Scotland bids 71.1B euros, or about $95.5B, for ABN.
AVAYA INC AV 5/29/2007 16 WSJ reports AV in talks with private equity to sell part or all of co.
BIOENVISION INC BIVN 5/29/2007 6 GENZ to buy: $5.60 = BIVN.
BRADLEY PHARMACE BDY 5/29/2007 22 Group led by co.'s CEO bids to take co. private at $21.50 per share.
CT COMMUNICATION CTCI 5/29/2007 31 WIN to buy: $31.50 = CTCI.
CDW CORP CDWC 5/29/2007 83 WSJ reports private equity firms are in serious discussions about buyout of CDWC.
PERU COPPER CUP 5/29/2007 5 Exclusivity period for 3rd party to facilitate talks expired without agreement.
WASHINGTON GROUP WNG 5/29/2007 81 URS to buy: $43.80, 0.772 URS = WNG.
BUILDING MATERIA BLG 5/29/2007 15 Chapman Capital LLC, which owns 7.4% of BLG, recommends BLG explore sale of co.
ARCHSTONE-SMITH ASN 5/25/2007 55 Seen higher on unconfirmed report that ASN in talks with Tishman Speyer Properties about possible sale.
BAUSCH & LOMB BOL 5/24/2007 70 EYE confirms its interest in BOL, says it plans to explore a superior offer for BOL; BOL earlier received a $65-per-share takeover offer from Warburg Pincus.
EGL INC EAGL 5/24/2007 46 CEVA Group PLC unit of Apollo Mgmt LP to buy: $47.50 = EAGL.
TOPPS CO TOPP 5/24/2007 10 Says The Upper Deck Co. interested in acquiring TOPP for $10.75 per share.
ALCAN INC AL 5/23/2007 85 Says its board urged holders to reject ALCOA's takeover offer... Toronto Globe & Mail reports AL in talks with BHP.
CRESCENT REAL ES CEI 5/23/2007 22 Funds managed by Morgan Stanley Real Estate to buy: $22.80 = CEI.
DOW JONES & CO DJ 5/23/2007 53 WSJ reports family members who control DJ are planning to meet privately to discuss their options following NWS's $5B offer, according to people familiar with matter.
STRIDE RITE SRR 5/23/2007 20 PSS to buy: $20.50 = SRR.
OSI RESTAURANT OSI 5/22/2007 41 Amends pact to be acquired by Kangaroo Holdings Inc., Kangaroo Acquisition Inc. for $41.14 per share cash, without interest, from $40 per share.
PEOPLES BANCTRUS PBTC 5/22/2007 25 BANCTRUST FINANCIAL to buy for $25.50 per share.
ALLTEL CORP AT 5/21/2007 70 TPG Capital, GS Capital Partners to buy: $71.50 = AT.
CYTYC CORP CYTC 5/21/2007 43 HOLX to buy: 0.52 HOLX, $16.50 = CYTC.
DOW JONES & CO DJ 5/21/2007 51 Pali Research says NWS preparing to "walk away" from DJ bid unless Bancroft family responds.
EGL INC EAGL 5/21/2007 47 CEVA Group Plc, owned by affiliates of Apollo Mgmt, ups bid for EAGL to $47.50 per share cash... EAGL finds CEVA bid to be superior to Crane Group's $46.25/shr.
GENESCO INC GCO 5/21/2007 51 Women's Wear Daily, citing sources, reports SKX, GCO are emerging as the two leading targets to be taken private in the retail and footwear sectors.
GENESIS HEALTH GHCI 5/21/2007 69 Formation Capital, JER Partners to buy: $69.35 = GHCI.
PIONEER COMPANIE PONR 5/21/2007 34 OLN to buy: $35 = PONR.
SKECHERS U.S.A. SKX 5/21/2007 34 Women's Wear Daily, citing sources, reports SKX, GCO are emerging as the two leading targets to be taken private in the retail and footwear sectors.
TARO PHARMACEUT TAROF 5/21/2007 6 Sun Pharmaceuticals of India to buy: $7.75 = TAROF.
VISTEON CORP VC 5/21/2007 9 Tata AutoComp Systems, Valeo are believed to be in preliminary stages of talks to acquire a stake in VC: Business Standard.
AQUANTIVE INC AQNT 5/18/2007 64 MSFT to buy: $66.50 = AQNT.
DISTRIBUCION Y S DYS 5/18/2007 33 To merge with Falabella; stakes in new conglomerate Falabella-D&S will be 77% for current Falabella shareholders, 23% for DYS shareholders.
INTL GAME TECHNO IGT 5/18/2007 40 JP Morgan says shares up on buyout speculation.
IOMED INC IOX 5/18/2007 3 ReAble Therapeutics to buy: $2.75 = IOX.
TIERONE CORP TONE 5/18/2007 32 CSE to buy: about $34.46 = TONE.
TRUMP ENTERTAINM TRMP 5/18/2007 15 Says its strategic committee recently received preliminary, conditional indications of interest from parties proposing to acquire TRMP.
ACXIOM CORP ACXM 5/17/2007 28 Silver Lake, ValueAct Capital to buy: $27.10 = ACXM.
ALLIANCE DATA SY ADS 5/17/2007 78 Blackstone Group to buy: $81.75 = ADS.
NEXSTAR BROADCAS NXST 5/17/2007 13 Hires Goldman, Sachs & Co. to assist in reviewing alternatives including, but not limited to, sale of co.
24/7 REAL MEDIA TFSM 5/17/2007 12 WPPGY to buy: $11.75 = TFSM.
AGILE SOFTWARE AGIL 5/16/2007 8 ORCL to buy: $8.10 = AGIL.
BAUSCH & LOMB BOL 5/16/2007 67 Affiliates of Warburg Pincus to buy: $65 = BOL.
EAST PENN FINANC EPEN 5/16/2007 14 HNBC to buy for estimated $14.50 per share; actual value of deal will depend on factors such as price of HNBC stock, but will be within $13.52-$15.48 range.
INTER-TEL INC INTL 5/16/2007 27 Receives $26.50/share buyout bid from Vector Capital Corp... Vector bid follows $25.60/share offer from Mitel Networks.
REUTERS GROUP AD RTRSY 5/15/2007 74 Co., TOC agree to merge; RTRSY to be acquired by newly formed UK holding co. called Thomson-Reuters PLC: 352.5 pence, 0.16 Thomson-Reuters PLC share = RTRSY.
21ST CENTURY INS TW 5/15/2007 23 AIG to acquire all TW shares it does not already own: $22 = TW.
DOW JONES & CO DJ 5/14/2007 54 WSJ.com reports NWS Chrmn Rupert Murdoch sent letter to Bancroft family saying he would offer Bancrofts a seat on NWS board if his purchase of DJ went though.
EGL INC EAGL 5/14/2007 46 Says CEVA Group Plc (owned by affiliates of Apollo Mgmt), entities affiliated with EAGL CEO James Crane upped their takeover bids; CEVA to $46/sh., Crane to $45/sh.
INFORTE CORP INFT 5/14/2007 4 Business & Decision Group to buy: $4.25 = INFT.
REPUBLIC PROPERT RPB 5/14/2007 12 To evaluate alternatives, including possible sale of co. or merger.
SYNERGY FINANCIA SYNF 5/14/2007 14 NYB to buy: 0.8 NYB = SYNF.
VIASYS HEALTHCAR VAS 5/14/2007 43 CAH to buy: $42.75 = VAS.
CBOT HOLDINGS'A' BOT 5/11/2007 199 Co., CME revise merger deal; BOT holders to get 0.35 CME share per BOT share; CME to make cash tender offer for up to $3.5B in stock of combined co..
POST PROPERTIES PPS 5/11/2007 54 Seen higher on takeover speculation.
WENDY'S INTERNAT WEN 5/11/2007 40 WSJ reports co.'s largest institutional shareholder is urging WEN to sell itself to highest bidder.
BIOSITE INC BSTE 5/10/2007 95 IMA raises its takeover offer to $92.50 per BSTE share from $90 per share.
SARA LEE CORP SLE 5/10/2007 17 WSJ reports co.'s CEO said she is not worried about a takeover.
EFUNDS CORP EFD 5/9/2007 32 Says certain parties have approached EFD to mull over strategic alternatives.
AK STEEL HOLDING AKS 5/8/2007 35 Financial Times reports MT looking at acquisition of AKS in deal worth as much as $40 per AKS share, or about $4.5B.
REUTERS GROUP AD RTRSY 5/8/2007 76 TOC, RTRSY confirm they are in talks to combine their two businesses.
SIPEX CORP SIPX 5/8/2007 9 EXAR to buy: 0.6679 EXAR = SIPX.
3COM CORP COMS 5/8/2007 5 Citadel Investment Group LLC reports 8.4% stake in COMS, says it would like to meet with management, board to discuss COMS's corporate strategy.
ALCAN INC AL 5/7/2007 81 AA offers to buy for about $33B... Terms: $58.60 cash, 0.4108 AA share = AL share.
ARMOR HOLDINGS AH 5/7/2007 87 BAE Systems Inc. to buy: $88 = AH.
OHIO CASUALTY OCAS 5/7/2007 43 Liberty Mutual Group to buy: $44 = OCAS.
SMITH & WOLLENSK SWRG 5/7/2007 11 Amends merger pact with Patina Restaurant Group LLC, whereby Patina agrees to raise purchase price to $11/share from $9.25.
GREATER BAY BANC GBBK 5/4/2007 28 WFC to buy via stock swap... Deal valued at about $1.5B, assuming WFC measurement price is between $32.175, $39.325/share.
REUTERS GROUP AD RTRSY 5/4/2007 74 Confirms it received takeover approach from unidentified suitor... Toronto Globe & Mail reports on its web site that TOC is in talks to buy RTRSY, citing sources.
WESTWOOD ONE WON 5/4/2007 7 NY Post reports on its web site that WON has tapped investment bank UBS to identify potential buyers.
YAHOO INC YHOO 5/4/2007 33 NY Post reports MSFT in talks to acquire YHOO.
EGL INC EAGL 5/3/2007 42 Apollo Group ups takeover bid to $43 from $40/share, further topping EAGL's pact to be acquired by CEO-led group for $38/shr.
IPSCO INC IPS 5/3/2007 157 SSAB to buy: $160 = IPS.
MITY ENTERPRISES MITY 5/3/2007 21 Affiliate of Sorenson Capital Partners, Peterson Partners: $21.50 = MITY.
BIOSITE INC BSTE 5/2/2007 94 Amends takeover deal with BEC, raising purchase price to $90 from $85/share.
BISYS GROUP BSG 5/2/2007 12 CITIGROUP to buy: $11.85 = BSG.
CABLEVISION SYS CVC 5/2/2007 36 Dolan family offers to take CVC private at $36.26 cash per share.
COMMUNITY BANKS CMTY 5/1/2007 32 SUSQ to buy: $34 or 1.48 SUSQ = CMTY.
DOW JONES & CO DJ 5/1/2007 55 Receives $60/share takeover bid from NWS.
MAF BANCORP MAFB 5/1/2007 54 NCC to buy: $56 = MAFB, subject to adj.
BCE INC BCE 4/30/2007 34 Expects to complete review of strategic alternatives by Q3.
EAGLE HOSPITALIT EHP 4/30/2007 13 AP AIMCAP, a j.v. of Apollo Real Estate Investment Fund, Aimbridge Hospitality, JF Capital Advisors to buy: $13.35 = EHP.
ENPATH MEDICAL NPTH 4/30/2007 14 GB to buy: $14.38 = NPTH.
GENESIS HEALTH GHCI 4/30/2007 64 Fillmore Capital Partners raises its takeover bid for GHCI to $65.25/share.
INTL SECURITIES ISE 4/30/2007 67 Eurex to buy: $67.50 = ISE.
INTER-TEL INC INTL 4/27/2007 25 Mitel Networks Corp. to buy: $25.60 = INTL.
COVANSYS CORP CVNS 4/26/2007 33 CSC to buy: $34 = CVNS.
GENESIS HEALTH GHCI 4/26/2007 64 Says its board to review $64.25-per-share cash takeover bid received recently from Fillmore Capital Partners LLC.
HARMAN INTL HAR 4/26/2007 123 Affiliates of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. L.P., GS Capital Partners to buy: $120 = HAR.
PEDIATRIC SERVIC PSAI 4/26/2007 16 Portfolio Logic LLC to take private = $16.25 = PSAI.
WENDY'S INTL WEN 4/26/2007 38 Forms special committee to review its options, including possible sale of co.
ABN AMRO HOLDING ABN 4/25/2007 50 Royal Bank of Scotland, Banco Santander, Fortis announce contingent offer for ABN of EUR39.
CHAPARRAL STEEL CHAP 4/25/2007 72 Hires Goldman Sachs & Co. to review alternatives, including possible partnerships, mergers, acquisitions, sale or recapitalization.
DESERT COMMUNITY DCBK 4/25/2007 23 EWBC to buy for $24/share in cash, stock.
EASTMAN KODAK EK 4/25/2007 26 Seen higher on takeover speculation.
K2 INC KTO 4/25/2007 15 JAH to buy for $15.50/share in cash, stk.
24/7 REAL MEDIA TFSM 4/25/2007 10 NY Post reports co. is on auction block, has been talking to WPPGY, among other potential suitors.
HIGHLAND HOSPIT HIH 4/24/2007 19 Affiliate of JER Partners Acquisitions IV LLC to buy: $19.50 = HIH.
MYERS INDUSTRIES MYE 4/24/2007 22 GS Capital Partners to buy: $22.50 = MYE.
SYMBION INC SMBI 4/24/2007 22 Unit of private equity firm Crestview Partners LP to buy: $22.35 = SMBI.
MEDIMMUNE INC MEDI 4/23/2007 57 AZN to buy for $58 per share cash.
AFFILIATED COMPU ACS 4/23/2007 61 Chrm Darwin Deason, Cerberus Capital Mgmt raise offer for co. to $62/sh. cash.
INTERPOOL, INC IPX 4/23/2007 27 To be acquired by certain private equity funds managed by affiliates of Fortress Inv. Group LLC for $27.10/sh. cash.
BEL FUSE CL A BELFA 4/23/2007 40 TNL sweetens offer to $43/share cash.
GENESCO INC GCO 4/23/2007 51 Board rejects FL's $46 per share offer.
GENESCO INC GCO 4/19/2007 50 Says it will consider $46/share takeover offer it received from FL.
CLEAR CHAN COMM CCU 4/18/2007 36 Says a private equity group co-led by Bain Capital Partners LLC, Thomas H. Lee Partners LP upped its buyout bid to $39 per share in cash from $37.60 in cash.
ESPEED INC'A' ESPD 4/18/2007 10 Tullett Prebon PLC says it made takeover bid for ESPD of $12 per share, but ESPD parent Cantor Fitzgerald LP rejected it.
GENESIS HEALTH GHCI 4/18/2007 63 Amends merger pact with affiliates of Formation Capital LLC, JER Partners to increase consideration payable to GHCI holders to $64.25/share in cash from $63.
OMI CORP OMM 4/18/2007 29 TK, TRMD to buy: $29.25 = OMM.
BCE INC BCE 4/17/2007 34 Says it exploring its strategic options, has entered into talks with group of leading Canadian pension funds to explore possibility of taking co. private.
INNKEEPERS USA T KPA 4/16/2007 18 Affiliate of Apollo Investment Corp. to buy: $17.75 = KPA.
SLM CORP SLM 4/16/2007 55 Investor group led by J.C. Flowers & Co. to buy: $60 = SLM.

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