Jim Cramer Has Lost It: Nobody Should Feel Sorry For a Man With His Own Plane

Anyone catch Jim Cramer's appearance on Imus in the Morning today? The host of
David Kiley

Anyone catch Jim Cramer's appearance on Imus in the Morning today? The host of "Mad Money", on Imus to flog his book, came to near tears as he moaned to Imus about how his homelife was in a shambles (Cramer seems to hint that he had an affair), that he is on an anti-depressant and he has had to "tone down" his energy. "I have to realize I'm not a machine," said Cramer, his voice cracking. He also said the last time he was on the show, his life was a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10. Now, it's a six, he said. And he's hoping for an 8.

Memo to Cramer: Shut The Hell Up. You have...what....like a billion dollars? Quoting Anthony Hopkins from a truly terrible movie, "The Edge": "Never Feel Sorry for a Man With His Own Plane."

I don't know if Cramer actually has his own plane, but I'm willing to make a bet that he is at least flying NetJets around the country.

You want to know who has a 3 life or below on a scale of 1 to 10 Jimbo?....Take a visit to Walter Reade Hospital or read the Times Neediest Cases articles in The New York Times.

If Jim Cramer is unhappy, on the verge of tears, because he's a workaholic and broke up his marriage, so be it. But he, a guy who will never want for anything, looks like a total ass on a national radio/TV program expecting other people to care about his infidelity and the unhappiness it has caused him. When a guy that pompous and rich takes to national airwaves about how tough his life is...you know what the folks say?.....BOOYAH!

Open up a can of Shut-up cola , and take a swig Jimbo.

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