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The Smartest Superheroes

Just because they look super in tights doesn’t mean some heroes don’t have super brains too

Although many casual observers may not believe it, intelligence goes a long way in the comic book world. For many of the most popular characters, intellect is every bit as important as the ability to fly at the speed of sound or shoot flames from one's eyes. Creators of these comic book heroes understand that great power unfettered by intelligence can often have terrible consequences. Many of the most popular heroes have not only learned how to harness their powers intelligently but also to use their super gray cells to help them better fight the forces of evil.

  Often it is their very genius that caused them to become superheroes, many times as a result of plans gone terribly wrong. Take, for example, the brilliant Reed Richards, aka Mister Fantastic. A child prodigy in mathematics, physics, and mechanics, Richards was taking college-level courses by age 14 and attended the California Institute of Technology, Harvard, and Columbia.