Saturn Changes Ad Slogan. Hopes For The Best

David Kiley

See that cool car above? That is the Saturn Sky, a GM cousin to the Pontiac Solstice. It's darn pretty.

Saturn is the over-achieving son at GM. It was launched some fifteen years ago with a couple of cars that barely made me look away from Hyundai. Yet, the cars and the brand were meant to take on Toyota and Honda. It's taken GM this long to give the brand some real and decent product, but it's clearly on the way, starting with the Sky, which is arriving in dealerships about now.

To kick off a new model offensive, Saturn this May will ditch its "People First" ad slogan and start advertising "Like Always. Like Never Before." I'll reserve judgement until I see the ads, produced by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. But I'm not crazy about the line.

I am against all this willy nilly slogan shifting. Too many ad execs, clients that is, look upon taglines as disposable. The great ones aren't. I guess they never thought People First was a great one. I admit I saw some singles and doubles in that campaign, but no out of the park homers. And that's what GM, and Saturn, need. Home-runs.

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