Sopranos Product Placement Watch, Season Six, Episode Four

The good news is Tony’s no longer in a coma. The better news is that Carmella hasn’t bragged about her new Porsche since the season’s debut.

A highly selective guide to the shout-outs, all small-bore and many geographic-specific:

Bell Labs. Hal Holbrook’s character worked there. And, as Tony says: “You guys invented stereo.”

Egregiousness: 1. If the best thing you can say in 2006 about a unit that’s supposed to be inventing the future is that they invented stereo …

Sharper Image. Paulie’s (non) Mom has a massage chair from ‘em.

Egregiousness: 3. Low-balled because Paulie totally malapropped the name.

Razor Magazine. Tony’s reading about dinosaurs; Christopher’s paging through this Maxim knockoff.

Egregiousness: 1. Points deducted because the magazine went out of business last September, for chrissakes.

Pearl Oyster Bar. Tony muses lovingly about the lobster rolls from this postage-stamp-sized Greenwich Village joint.

Egregiousness: 0. More of an inside reference than product placement, and, more importantly, I haven’t yet tried their lobster roll.