Ex-Rainbow Developers to Form 2XL Games

Rainbow Studios was once a highly regarded independent developer. Having created Motorcoss Maddness for Microsoft, the ATV Offroad Fury series for Sony, Splashdown and MX Unleashed for THQ, the company's history of creating solid racing games with good physics was well regarded. So well regarded, in fact, that THQ bought them a few years back.

The news today is that Rainbow chairman Earl Jarred, vice-chairman Jeff Padden and two key employees, Rick Baltman and Robb Rinard have formed 2XL Games in Phoenix, Arizona. Based upon their name choice, it seems they like talking robots that play 8-track tapes.

The team is staffing up now as they prepare to start their first title.

"We are very excited about the creation of 2XL Games," says Baltman, former Lead Technology Programmer for Rainbow Studios, who was responsible for the physics engine in all of Rainbow's console games. "We plan to break new ground by integrating graphics, physics and animation in original, creative ways."

"We want to innovate game-play, while making sure the game rocks," said Rinard, who was one of the main designers on the titles named above "Our new studio gives us a wonderful opportunity to bring our own distinct vision of what a next generation game can be."

"When Rick and Robb worked together with me at Rainbow Studios, they were a great team and were instrumental in creating our best-selling, hit games," said Jarred, who formed Rainbow Studios in 1987. "These two guys are truly a dynamic duo in the business."

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