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Online Extra: Meet the Prosperity Preacher

God wants you to be successful in business, says Joel Osteen of Lakewood Church. It's a message that has made him the leading TV evangelist

Joel Osteen is arguably America's most popular preacher. His Lakewood Church in Northeast Houston is America's largest, attracting some 30,000 worshipers to its weekend services. But far more Americans know Osteen through TV. Over the course of the average month, some 18 million individuals tune in for one of his sermons, making him the most-watched preacher on television.

Osteen didn't even begin preaching until shortly before his father, John, who founded Lakewood, died in 1999. But since Joel took over the pulpit, attendance has quadrupled. Now Lakewood is spending $90 million to renovate the 16,000-seat Compaq Center in downtown Houston as its new home. Once Lakewood moves there in late July, Osteen predicts attendance will skyrocket.