The Project: Use a Web site not only to take reservations for its ski resorts but also to offer unique travel packages.

The Payoff: Expected to keep 10% more of travel-package revenues than when selling through other travel Web sites.

Bookings in the ski-resort business have been about as flat as a bunny slope. At the same time, much of the business for the past several winters has gone to cutthroat Internet travel agencies, which gleefully squeeze resorts on pricing. So Vancouver (B.C.) resort operator Intrawest Corp. (IDR ) worked to turn the Web to its advantage. The company, which operates more than a dozen ski and golf resorts, created a reservation system to sell packages that e-travel sites can't match. Because Intrawest runs the mountain and operates many of the stores in its villages, it can include equipment rentals, lift tickets, and ski school. Bookings may remain flat, but Intrawest is working on building a few jumps in its margins.

By Jay Greene

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