Samsung SyncMaster 955DF

This affordable display from Samsung includes a highlight feature valuable for graphics users

WHAT'S HOT: The 955DF's $299 price tag is well below the average for 19-inch CRT displays we've tested. A button on the 955DF's bezel allows you to select a portion of the screen that you wish to focus on by "highlighting" it: The screen surrounding that area becomes darkened slightly. Once you've chosen the size of the highlighted area you wish to work in, you can adjust the contrast; the red, green, and blue color; the color temperature; and the sharpness. You also can zoom to a spot within that zone. The control would be useful for those who do heavy image editing and wish to focus on one small part of the screen--for instance, when removing red-eye from a photo.

WHAT'S NOT: The 955DF didn't fare well in our image tests: Text looked fuzzy and became difficult to read at small point sizes. Colors looked dull, and photos failed to capture the detail evident on other displays.

WHAT ELSE: The rest of the 955DF's on-screen display, which you can access using five controls on the bezel, are fairly easy to use. Samsung provides its usual detailed manual.

UPSHOT: Though the 955DF's highlight feature may be useful for graphics use, its less-than-impressive image quality should compel graphics professionals and image editors to look elsewhere.

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