Online Extra: Resume: Mary G. Meeker

Mary G. Meeker

Born September, 1959, Portland, Ind.

Where She Got Her Type-A Personality: She credits her father. "My dad was intense and competitive, and he [would] drive you crazy," she says. He was a golf nut who built his own fairway and green in the family's backyard -- and pressured Mary to become a golf prodigy. She became captain of the golf team at Jay County High School, practicing at 5:30 a.m.

Education: A BA in psychology from DePauw University in 1981, an MBA in finance from Cornell University in 1986

Career Highlights: Started in 1982 as a stockbroker for Merrill Lynch in Chicago. After grad school in 1986, became a research analyst at Solomon Brothers. Switched to SG Cowen from 1990 to 1991. Moved to Morgan Stanley in 1991, where she covered PCs and then the Net. Now a managing director.

How She Got Internet Fever: Read a newspaper story in late 1994 about Netscape Communications. She believed the Net would change every industry, so she became the chief cheerleader for upstarts such as Yahoo!, Excite, and

Why She Loves Upstarts: She was a fan of Indiana high school basketball. At the time, there were no divisions, so little schools played big schools, and any one of them could become the state champ. "It was like Silicon Valley," she says. "The little guys would go up against the big guys -- and sometimes they'd win."

What Drives Her Today: "I want to make up for the year 2000," she says. "It was a bad year [for me] as a stock picker, and a bad year as an analyst."

Family: Single. Claims she has no time for a social life. Returns to Indiana frequently to visit her elderly parents, Gordon, 90, and Mary, 86. Fishes and skis with her brother, Dick, who is 21 years older, and his family, in Aspen, Colo.

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