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The Rise of a Dealmaker

Sukhinder Singh, a Junglee and Amazon vet, is now in charge of signing clients for financial data aggregator And sign 'em she does

Sukhinder Singh's office in Redwood City, Calif., the same office she has occupied since helping found 18 months ago, is oddly impersonal. No family pictures are in sight, no heap of management books, no routine disarray, even. In fact, the only signs of life in the modestly appointed room are a bouquet of shiny purple balloons and two floral arrangements -- recent birthday gifts.

Bud Colligan of venture-capital firm Accel Partners, which has $10 million invested in the company, explains the spare environment this way: "Calculate the number of business days that has been up and running" -- roughly 400 -- "then factor in the number of clients it has signed on in that time" -- 110 at last glance. It breaks down to a deal about every three days, work that is "all Sukhinder," Colligan says. "She is an incredibly prolific dealmaker. She's always going. Always."