The Best Gets Even Better

When BUSINESS WEEK introduced its "Best B-Schools" ranking in 1988, we knew then it was revolutionary. It was the first customer-satisfaction survey based on a survey of consumers of business-school programs: newly-minted MBAs and the recruiters who hire them. Since then, the biennial survey has not only been a crucial source of information about business schools, it has also spurred vast changes in B-school curriculums.

This year, we have improved upon the survey in several key areas. First, we expanded our rankings to the Top 30 schools, from the Top 25. For the first time ever, we ranked B-school programs at some of the most influential institutions in Europe and Canada.

We have also added a new component to our survey, one we call "intellectual capital." Our goal: to capture which schools make the biggest scholarly contributions to the business community at large. In our survey, the intellectual-capital component accounts for 10% of a school's ranking.

That's just the beginning. Our exclusive online offerings are unmatched. Log onto our B-school channel at Business Week Online ( and you'll find nothing less than a one-stop shop for the MBA community. We now offer interactive profiles of more than 225 business schools, video interviews with B-school deans, and a wealth of data on admissions, financial aid, curriculum, job placement, and salaries. You can follow the online adventures of 23 B-school students, join our wildly popular B-School Forums (message boards) for the MBA community, and sign up for our twice-monthly MBA Insider newsletter.

With the booming economy, the B-school arena is more competitive than ever. Some schools have established their own incubators to help get student ventures off the ground. Meanwhile, businesses are competing with B-schools to keep their best and brightest at work. MBAs have never had it so good.

Our 2000 BUSINESS WEEK Best B-Schools survey is the biggest--and most ambitious--ever, involving more than 10,000 graduates and recruiters from 247 companies around the globe. Credit for this effort goes to Staff Editor Jennifer Merritt, BW Online Staff Reporter Mica Schneider, Associate Editor Eric Schine, Senior Writer John Byrne, and Senior Editor Mary Kuntz. Interns Francesca Di Meglio and Eric Dash were invaluable assistants. Whether you read it in print or experience it online, our B-school coverage is service journalism at its best.

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