Business Week Online's New Look

In May, Business Week Online was honored with a National Magazine Award for General Excellence in New Media. Yet even as we were accepting this award, we were already deep into the task of preparing a redesign of the entire site.

Why change a proven winner? Because we believe that the highest levels of quality can be achieved only through a process of constant improvement--what the Japanese call kaizen. We think our new site reaches that goal.

First, it simply looks better, with cleaner lines, less clutter, and bolder graphics--including a more handsome logo. Working with Business Week Art Director Malcolm Frouman, Online Creative Director Arthur Eves, and Design Director Brian Kelly, consultants Ron Louie and John Klotnia of Opto Design were charged with creating a Web site with the look and feel of an important business destination. They have succeeded marvelously.

Just as important, their new design works better. Now clearly organized into eight distinct channels--Business Week magazine, Daily Briefing, Investing, Global Business, Technology, Small Business, B-Schools, and Careers--the revamped site reflects our desire to make it a global hub for business news and analysis. Click on the channel tabs atop every screen, and you'll be able to move around the site with ease. To help you dig deeper into the channels, each one has specific navigation links on the left side of any page within that channel.

One of our top priorities was to help readers quickly reach the wealth of information contained in a site as deep as Business Week Online. So this design features a new overall home page, and it gives each channel its own internal home page to insure that you'll always be presented immediately with the latest and most important new stories, features, or tools.

Keeping up with the pace of change on the Internet is a daunting challenge. We hope you'll agree that these design changes improve both Business Week Online's look and your ability to use it. After all, what could be better than finding the best business information on the Web faster than ever? Check us out at

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