E Commerce Crusader

BizRate.com's Farhad Mohit sees himself at the forefront of an e-tailing revolution

The way BizRate.com co-founder Farhad Mohit sees it, there have been two revolutions in the world of e-tailing. To demonstrate, he jumps up, grabs a marker, and begins writing on the large paper tablet in his office. "V. 1.0: Amazon," he scrawls, referring in techie shorthand to what he thinks of as the first wave. Then he dashes off "V. 2.0: BizRate." Mohit's claim that the king of all e-tailers is outdated compared with BizRate is brazen, indeed. BizRate, after all, is a Web site that attracts a mere 4 million visitors a month with its consumer ratings on e-tailers. Amazon.com Inc. has five times as many customers.

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