Gene Marcial Is Branching Out Online

If you're a fan of Gene Marcial's Inside Wall Street column--and many smart stock investors are--we've got good news for you. Gene is branching out. He will also be writing an exclusive Online column that will appear every Tuesday.

Inside Wall Street is arguably the most influential stock column in the U.S. And it's no mystery why. Gene is not an analyst. He is a veteran reporter who gets inside the Street. He talks to money managers, hedge-fund executives, big investors, and company insiders. He gets the latest dope on a company--a new process or product, a new market, a merger, or a takeover. And he tells readers what stocks are poised to move.

The market pays attention to what Marcial says. A favorable mention in Inside Wall Street almost invariably results in a rise in the stock price on the first trading day the magazine becomes available to the public. Our analyses show that it rises on average about 5%. And just to make sure Gene is held accountable for what he writes, we publish an annual scorecard on how he did--a rare thing in this era of stock market hype.

So powerful is the column in moving stocks that James J. Cramer, founder of The, writes a column on Friday morning in which he discusses how to play the stocks featured in the latest Inside Wall Street.

So continue to visit Gene in the magazine every week and watch for his new column on Tuesday afternoons at

Marcial's column is just one of our online offerings for smart investors. If you're looking for solid analysis beyond the gyrations of the market, read our daily Street Wise columns by Sam Jaffe, Margaret Popper, and Amey Stone. Their insights can help you make sense of the markets and plan your investments.

Or if you're a woman investor of any age, check out our column by Personal Finance Editor Toddi Gutner. Every two weeks, Toddi helps women move closer to financial independence with timely advice, online chat sessions, and interviews. And each Friday morning, read finance specialist Bob Barker in, where he explores the latest trends in portfolio management and mutual funds. Happy investing!

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