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Did Nazi Loot End Up At The Vatican Bank?

Balkan victims level new allegations

With the recent publication of the scathing indictment of Pope Pius XII, the bestselling Hitler's Pope, the Eternal City has been bombed with bad publicity of late. More is on the way. A recently filed lawsuit alleges that during Hitler's reign, the Vatican Bank received at least 200 million Swiss francs from Hitler's wartime puppet Ustasha regime--money the Nazi collaborators allegedly looted from Jews, Ukranians, Serbs, and others. This opens up the possibility that after the Swiss banks, the Vatican Bank could be the next big target.

The class action, headed up by attorney Keelyn Friesen at Minneapolis law firm Zimmerman Reed, involves some 2,000 plaintiffs who are seeking an accounting of the purported funds as well as restitution that could amount to $200 million. The claim also names as yet unidentified Swiss, Austrian, Argentine, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and German banking institutions, where plaintiffs' lawyers say some of the plunder may have been routed to help Nazi war criminals escape to Argentina.