Ron Perelman, Vernon Jordan, And Zippergate

The scandal casts a light on Perelman's political payroll

Ronald O. Perelman is known mainly for his wealth. He controls a corporate empire worth more than $8 billion. But on Jan. 22, the New York billionaire found himself drawn into the sex scandal swirling about President Clinton. Perelman's crown jewel, Revlon Inc., announced it had rescinded a job offer it made to ex-White House intern Monica S. Lewinsky. This was the second known time Perelman has obliged Presidential pal Vernon E. Jordan Jr. when he sought jobs for people who might be witnesses in legal actions against Clinton. Jordan got Webster Hubbell a Perelman job as well in 1994. Now, Independent Counsel Kenneth W. Starr wants to know: Why is Perelman doing big favors for the White House?

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