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Did Dirty Tricks Create A Best Seller?

Susan Hensley was sitting in her glassed-in office on the floor of San Diego Technical Books Inc. on Jan. 25 when she received an intriguing phone call from a woman who identified herself as Leeann Falzone. Falzone said that she wanted to buy 125 copies of The Discipline of Market Leaders, a just-released book from Addison-Wesley Publishing Co.

Hensley, the store's president, didn't have nearly that many in stock. No matter. Falzone wanted the books shipped directly from Addison's warehouse to a corporate address in San Francisco. All Hensley had to do was process the paperwork. Hensley's store would pocket about $1,000 on the $2,412 order. "The arrangement sounded kind of fishy to me," recalls Hensley, "but it was easy money, so I took the crder."